Archie's Service Team

Archie’s Team of Need Satisfiers

The following list of service providers is designed to assist you in the process of finding suppliers with whom you can become comfortable. I most certainly can not guarantee their workmanship, but my degree of confidence in them is high.

I have either personally utilized the services of these companies or have been directly involved with each firm and am confident of the quality of service each will provide. My recommendation of them is based on an understanding that they will provide to you the type of service that I have expected of them. I only ask that they or you let me know if there is a concern of performance. Your relationship with them is yours BUT “working with you to satisfy your needs” is my personal commitment to my clients, friends, and associates. When calling them, please refer to our relationship so they are aware of our common expectations.

General Construction Painting Plumbing & Heating Electrical
Garage Doors HomeMoving Roofing & Shingles General Insurance
Computer Services Lawyers & Accountants Mortgages Appraisals
Communications Hot Tubs    

General Construction

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Bob Child

Cedar Ridge Construction Ltd.
Phone 382-5040
Residential and commercial - from new homes to additions, or home renovations and basement development. Bob has the ability to do the big or little jobs, including insurance work.

Roger Nizenkevich

Phone 244-0648 or 227-6570
Roger is capable of all home renovations and is beginning to focus on doing home renovations necessary to accommodate homeowner's handicap needs, a specialty that is often in demand. He is also very creative when it comes to original solutions to other problems.

Larry Leibel

Phone 373-5794
Larry specializes in small jobs and basement renovations. He has helped many people turn basements into suites for rent.

*Note that all of these contractors can fully co-ordinate all aspects of the work - electrical, plumbing, heating, etc.


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Rick Germs

Saskatoon Painting and Decorating Ltd.
Phone 249-3637
Residential or commercial of all types - no job is too big, but Rick's firm is very capable and willing to do small home jobs also - spraying ceilings is a specialty, as is wallpaper.

Plumbing and Heating

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Bob Bozak

Tech Mechanical Services Ltd.
Phone 242-4333 Cell 222-8381
Residential and commercial - new, renovations or repairs - will respond to your everyday needs, big or small - especially those small plumbing repair jobs that many of us aren't very good at.


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Darren McConnell

Humboldt Electric Limited
Phone 665-6551
Major commercial and residential. Humboldt has a residential division that can handle your renovations, garages, and other miscellaneous jobs. A complete capability for all electrical needs.

Doug Brown

Martins Electric
Phone 382-0493 or 222-8114
Doug specializes in the "small" jobs. He has a wealth of experience and a willingness to do special jobs like hot tubs.

Overhead Garage Doors

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Todd Langner

Todds Overhead Door Manufacturing
Phone 664-0061
Todd specializes in building and repairing wooden garage doors, but also repairs and replaces all types of overhead doors. He will also do small jobs like decks, sheds, fences, and storm doors.

Home Moving

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Clarence Geransky

Geransky's Moving and Storage
Phone 955-3773 or 221-1373
My clients highly recommend Clarence and his team. They are perfect for in-Saskatoon and area moves.
For long-distance moves to other cities, call Clarence and he will assist you.

Roofing / Shingles

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Hugh Helgason

Helgason Roofing Ltd.
Phone 934-1996
No matter what your needs Hugh can react - big or small - fixing or replacing - asphalt or cedar - insurance claims also.

General Insurance

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Scott Byers

Butler Byers Insurance Ltd.
Phone 653-2233
Butler Byers can provide you with absolutely any type of insurance that you may require. Scott will be able to ensure that your needs are satisfied by the correct group within Butler Byers - a one-stop shopping opportunity.

Computer Services

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Kim Horan

Horan Consultants Ltd
Phone 230-6697
Kim maintains all of my home and office computers and keeps me online. He can provide computer systems maintenance, network installation and design as well as application support for home and office.

Lawyers and Accountants

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Love them or hate them, we should all have one and should probably use their services more regularly.

Byron Horachek

Meyers Norris Penny
Phone 665-6766
Byron can provide accounting, consulting, and income tax services for all your personal or business needs. His firm has a full complement of specialists who can focus on your particular situation.

Lucille Lamb

Stevenson, Hood, Thorton, Beaubier
Phone 244-0132
Lucille handles the legal aspects of my clients' home purchases and sales contracts. She also offers a full range of legal services amd puts together a great "will" package designed to suit your family's needs, as well as assisting in estate matters.


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Peggy Basiove

Royal Bank - Mobile Mortgage Specialist
Phone 241-6584
For all your mortgage needs without having to go to the bank. As a "mobile" mortgage broker, Peggy is available 24-7 to meet with you at a location convenient to you. She provides the full range of mortgage services for all home owners, and the rates available are always better than the posted bank rates.

Property Appraisals

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Guy Mumford

Associated Appraisal Co.
Phone 934-2444
Call Guy if you would like an "official" appraisal of your property for any reason - insurance, equity mortgages, estate planning, or even market value. He can also do commercial and rental property appraisals, as well as property tax assessment appeals, and can help you prepare your property tax appeal presentation.


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Dwayne Davis

Tel-J Communications II Ltd.
Phone 665-8355
I rely on Dwayne for all my cellular and paging needs. He offers a complete range of cell phones and pagers. His staff is most helpful in setting up your cell phone number, selecting the best plan to suit your needs, and providing the technical support to ensure you make the best use of your cell phone.

Hot Tubs

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Mike Kogovsek

Sunset Bay Hot Tubs
Phone 668-1801
Our family enjoys a hot tub and lawn furniture from Sunset Bay. Mike provides a full range of sales and on site service for Arctic Spas Hot Tubs (Canadian manufactured), Tropitone deluxe patio furniture, Fibrewick patio furniture, and Connelly pool tables. They also do service and repairs on most other brands of hot tubs.

"Working With You"