Being prepared helps make your move an easier and much more pleasant experience. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you organize your days.

  1. Notify all utilities of disconnection/connection dates. Two weeks notice is ideal.
    Gas Sask Energy 1-800-567-8899
    Light, water and sewer City Hall 306-975-2400
    Electrical Sask Power 1-888-757-6937
    Telephone Sask Tel 1-800-727-5835
    Cable TV Shaw Cable 306-664-2121
  2. Cancel and re-order home services, i.e. milk delivery, dry cleaning, newspaper, diaper service, magazine subscriptions, house cleaners, etc.
  3. Prepare a list of friends, relatives, business accounts, and arrange to send "Change of Address" cards to all. Be sure to include:
  1. Arrange school transfer and student information transfer.
  2. Transfer trust and/or bank accounts. Arrange a letter of introduction to establish new accounts.
  3. Order new blank cheques with your new address on them.
  4. Cancel or transfer social, athletic, civic or religious memberships and all your community-based memberships.
  5. Arrange for cleaning, servicing and possible storage for furs, RV equipment, appliances, certain pieces of furniture, etc.
  6. Arrange for care and safety of pets during move.
  7. Obtain a supply of moving boxes and set up a marking system for box placement into various rooms at your new home.
  8. Your solicitor will be contacting you to finalize documentation.
  9. Final Inspection

Moving Day Box!

Have needed maintenance, house repairs, or minor work pre-arranged if possible at your new home.

Please contact me if I can be of further assistance to you in planning and carrying out your move. Have a little fun and enjoy your new home.

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"Working With You"