Certified Buyer Representative - CBR

Whether you are buying your first home or you are a previous buyer, my role is to ensure that the buying process is reasonable, logical, secure, and as painless as possible. You can then relax, and enjoy your new home.


  1. Initial meeting getting to know you so I can better understand your needs and expectations; reviewing the services that I provide and the unique processes that we can follow.
  2. Technical information a review of financial and legal requirements; understanding the purchase documents; and outlining the key steps from the "offer to purchase" to the "possession date."
  3. Needs Satisfaction Survey to discuss, define, and understand your new home needs as well as price range and time frames of your purchase.
  4. The search establish a data base of potential homes; select homes that meet your needs; do an optional drive-by viewing; and complete specific viewings of selected homes (continue this search until the right home is found).
  5. Home is selected do market price comparisons to ensure the list price is justified and to develop your offer to purchase price; complete offer to purchase documents, making sure your best interests and needs are reflected in the offer; and begin due diligence to ensure the home is in the condition your require before the purchase is finalized.
  6. Purchase is complete monitor finalization of financing and legal requirements; review moving to do list; and begin to plan for any renovations, upgrades, or repairs to your new home.
  7. Possession date home inspection to ensure all is well; deal with any unforseen circumstances; and transfer of keys to you.
  8. Follow-up deal with any issues; title transfer documents to you as new owner; referral of new clients to me; ongoing fulfillment of your future real estate needs.

"Working With You"